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A common type of environmental tote bag

A common type of environmental tote bag
The commonly used materials are white cardboard, white board paper, kraft paper and coated paper. The commonly used thickness is 120g, 140g, 157g, 200g, 250g, etc. Details are as follows:
White cardboard tote bags
White cardboard production of handbags is one of the most luxury handbags, its features are: (1) high strength the strength of the white cardboard bag is the highest of all handbags, this is determined by the physical properties of the white cardboard, designers usually will this bag used in high-end clothing or commodity. Compared with the paper tote bag, white card paper handbag is more delicate and exquisite. Therefore, it is very elegant.
2. White board tote bags
White board paper is also used to make tote bags.
Made of white board paper bag strength is larger, could hold some coupled to the weight of goods, designers often use white paper for garment bag, the specification is usually split or Quan bag printing. Because the printing of white board paper is general, therefore, compared to suitable for printing text, lines or color blocks. White board paper is strong, can not cover film, therefore, cost comparison is low. This is an affordable handbag.
Brown paper tote bag
The tote bag made from kraft paper is characterized by its fastness and lowest cost. It is generally used for general merchandise. In addition to white kraft paper, the general brown paper is darker, so it is possible to design some strong color blocks in comparison to the printed dark text and lines. The vellum bag is usually the least expensive tote bag.
4. Copper paper tote bags
Choose copper print paper to make tote bag, its characteristic is moderate. Due to the high whiteness and gloss of the paper, the printing is good, the designer can use all kinds of pictures and color blocks boldly, the advertisement effect is good. After coated with photofilm or subphotofilm, it not only has moisture-proof and durable functions, but also appears more delicate. Coated paper is one of the most popular portable bag making materials.
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