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What are the pet products of cats and dogs

  What are the pet supplies
  Pet supplies have dog accessories; Cat accessories; Cat and dog cleaning supplies; Other small animal accessories; Amphibians, insects such as ants and coleoptera, spiders, spiders, reptile supplies; Cage birds, flying birds, wild birds and other supplies; Freshwater or saltwater ornamental fish products; Gifts and souvenirs for pets and their owners.
  2. Pet supplies and purchase notices
  1. Material selection
  1) before you buy a toy for your pet, you need to know the bite habits of your pet and choose the right durable toy to give it.
  2) polyethylene is as soft as a latex toy and is made into various colors. Some even creak and make toys more interesting. These toys are generally suitable for dogs that are not aggressive.
3) rubber and nylon toys are durable and suitable for dogs with moderate bite habits.
  4) rope toys are usually made of nylon or cotton material and are suitable for dogs with moderate bite. Especially for dogs who like to drag and drop the game, and this kind of hard and hard texture can also help the dog's dental health.
  2. The type of pet
  1) some toys may be suitable for puppies, but when they grow up, they may be smaller and should be discarded. Small toys, such as small rubber balls, may be swallowed or stuck in the throat by a grown dog. Discard the toy fragments and the torn toys.
  2) the gripper is the nature of the cat, and the cat scratch board can prevent the cat from destroying the furniture. What's more, the pursuit of the thing is a common hobby of the cat and dog, all kinds of ball that can roll, the small toys that the string will run and the spring will shake, will make them very excited.
  3. Collar or neck chain
  Cats and dogs have a long history of living in the wild, with the vagabond nature of the dog, and for their safety, it's best to attach a collar to the collar. In pet shops you can find metal, nylon, leather collars and necklaces, metal durable, and the lowest price, but will make the baby feel uncomfortable. Nylon light and comfortable, price center; Leather is expensive, but domestic goods are hard, imported products are soft and beautiful, but expensive.
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