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The back cushion makes the waist comfortable some want to see radian material use want to pay attention to posture

Some sedentary people, in order to prevent back pain, often put a back cushion in the sofa or chair. Zhang tao, director of orthopaedic orthopaedic department of the central hospital of the city, suggests that you should choose the back pad to look at radians and textures, and use the back cushion to pay attention to posture.
When choosing backrest, pay attention to radians. A curved back cushion will be better than no radian. Also look at the material. There are many kinds of cushion material in the market, such as stretch cotton, memory foam, plastic plate. Choose which material to use back cushion, want to see individual feeling and definite, as long as use rise to be able to support lumbar vertebra can. Choose the back cushion also can adjust according to seasonal change, at present is spring and summer alternate, can choose some air permeability is better, net or plastic material cushion of backrest.
The expert reminds, correct use the method of cushion of backrest, it is to put the back cushion below the waist, buttock above, the chair between the chair and chair. No matter what kind of cushion you choose, it's up to you to make it work. Some people put back cushions in their seats, but the back is not attached to the back cushion, and still hunched over the back cushion. The most effective way to stay in the right position is to adjust the seating environment so that you don't need to remind yourself to stay in the right position. If use some without radian pillow ACTS as a cushion, don't be too thick too big, should be paid attention to are generally with the thickness of about 10 centimeters advisable, don't be too high, otherwise easy to cause lumbar excessive proneness, forming hunched over.
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