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Good dog with a good dish (dog frisbee)

Good dog with a good dish (dog frisbee)
After all what kind of GG need how frisbee? According to the different shape of GG, choosing the right frisbee is one of the keys to the success of training. It is as if different weight people will use different weights of fitness equipment, and GG's shape and speed match the frisbee, so that GG can play the "handy".
The average dog frisbee, also known as the human frisbee, is more suitable for large dogs because their mouths are so deep that they can easily bite the frisbee. And small dogs are more suitable for a pet canvas frisbee. When GG has not yet adapted, biting frisbee is not easy for them, so you can use other toys to cultivate their desire.
Not every GG loves to pick up the frisbee
If your GG is indifferent to the frisbee, do you also feel at a loss? Don't worry, if you want to connect the GG to the frisbee, you can cultivate their interest with the toys that are easier to pick up. It is not difficult, because most of GG are naturally interested in moving objects, not to say, when there is a fast moving object appeared in their eyes, they find it difficult to refrain from inner impulse, must go after.
So, can use them to the nature, let it to something like a rubber ball or a dog interested, when it is biting goal gives "biting" password, and to encourage it. After took the bit of attention shifted to the frisbee, when GG grabbed a frisbee, you encourage it, it will think "as long as I grabbed it can get reward", once the GG to do this, you will have half the success.
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