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product center
  • Convert dog harness
    Product advantages:
    1、The magnetic handle to reduce the...
    2、Stainless steel D-ring (durable and...
    3、Soft touch traffic control handle...
    4、Comfortable soft cotton inside
    5、Detachable logo side posts...
    6、Before and after are equipped with...
  • Towabe tube
    【Name】Towabe tube
    【Configuration】Inflatable surfboard...
    【Load bearing】55 kg
    【Suitable age】Children & adults
Many years industry experience
Our team leader has many years of experience in the
handbag industry, with a plant of 3500 square
meters and more than 70 employees.
Professional R & D team
More than the backbone of the company with handbags
experience more than 20 years; your needs we come to
achieve, we wholeheartedly let you satisfied.
Delivery speed
Quality Assurance
The company has a special machine: computer trolley 8;
lock car 5; knot car 3; electronic DY car 55, 5 high car,
a large cutting machine, a small cutting machine, cutting
machine 3 sets of heat shrink film machine 1, Rally 1,
double needle car 3, 2 characters car.
Provide intimate service
Professional after-sales team
A professional design team for your sample to provide a
strong guarantee; professional, fast and efficient to
provide you with quality products;
service hotline: 0769-82094299,82094599.
Application areas
about us
Xianghao handbag is a manufacturer
that mainly produces the following three categories
A, pet supplies (dog life jackets, dog warm clothing, dog food bags, pet nests,
car seat belts, pet mats, convenient bags)
B. Outdoor products (draw water slides, backrests, seat cushions, fishing bags,
skateboard bags, etc.)
C, various handbags (camera bags, backpacks, handbags) We have always provided high-quality services and products with superior prices
and first-class efficiency. Our products are mainly exported.......
news information solution
Professional handbag manufacturers, swept away the amount of surprise!
Professional production of handbag manufacturers, swept away the amount of surprise!